Dress It Up: Wrap It Up Holiday 2014

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As we wrap up 2014, we leave you with last minute tips on styling yourself, your mantle, and your table for the Holidays. Thanks to you our clients, friends, and followers for a terrific 2014. We have been busy behind the scenes with improvements to the blog. In 2015 check our new About Page, Press Page, and Top Posts for a little refresher on what were well-loved reads.  We have great ideas for blog posts and we can’t wait to share them with you.

So take a look at our inspiration for the season and we hope you enjoy the glamour of the Holiday but remember the joy and love that lives in your heart!

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During the Holidays, add a little something extra to your tree, table, or mantle. But keep it simple. Simple is elegant and sophisticated and remember less is usually more. This governs my design philosophy: classic yet modern. You can make a statement with a white blouse and a gorgeous necklace, or a simple tree with handcrafted ornaments. You want embellishments to feel special and unique, not theatrical or over the top. This approach adds importance to what is truly meaningful.

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As a child, I remember lying under the Christmas tree, looking up into the myriad of flashing lights. Maybe this had something to do with both my Dad and Grandfather working for General Electric at Nela Park. We always had the hottest new Christmas lights. Somewhere this sparked my passion for lighting, and this is still my specialty. I tell clients right up front that lighting is important and be prepared to invest in this. Lighting ends up making the design in the end. It’s the jewelry in the room, the sparkle, the….glow. So for the holiday, it’s never too late to add lights, candles, & votives. Try some of the great LED options or flameless candles. These will add just the right sparkle to your shine, and show off your holiday décor.


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I love coats, wraps, ponchos, capes…any outerwear. Our coat closet is bursting at the seams. Linda always says an amazing coat is all you need. Throw that on with black leggings and boots and you can go out in your PJs and be in style.  It’s a staple having a few winners in your wardrobe. When you are out shopping or meeting friends for holiday gatherings consider a wrap or cape, getting warm as you go in and out will just throw off your “street style”.

Wrapping up gifts has always been my favorite holiday task. It’s no wonder as it is the décor part of the job. Using recycled and organic materials like kraft paper, fabric, shopping bags, newsprint, and butcher’s paper, twine, leaves, and twigs make the gifts even more special. Call it a wrap and stylize those gifts with flair.

Happiest of holidays to you and yours,

Dawn, Linda, Sadie, & Maria

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